Captain’s Log 17 (Gmail, Outlook and AVG Anti-Virus)

Ever wonder how to configure AVG Anti-Virus to scan Gmail e-mail with Outlook?
I wrote a free setup guide for users using Microsoft Outlook (and probably Outlook Express except I have not tested it with Outlook Express [OE]).

I recently switched from using Google’s Gmail web interface to using Microsoft Outlook because I have four e-mail accounts. Two ending with and two ending with My I own and is actually hosted with Google so in reality I have four Google accounts. I wanted to consolidate everything into Microsoft Outlook because I have been using Outlook for my contacts and calendar for a while now and it makes synchronizing with my Blackberry, desktop PC, server, and Pocket PC a snap.

As you might or might not know using Gmail with Outlook and OE requires using Secure Sockets Layer (SSL) instead of the standard POP and SMTP ports. All is fine and dandy except for one small problem, my Grisoft AVG anti-virus was not scanning ANY e-mail downloaded by Outlook or OE coming from my @gmail or @johndball accounts. Now what? Well after some searching around on the internet I found this nice write-up (although lengthy and a little confusing) on Grisoft’s website about configuring AVG Anti-Virus to scan these e-mails. (AVG is a free Anti-Virus program by the way and can be found at
Here is the link to the Grisoft article,,25035,48898

If you have not switched from the web interface to Outlook, Microsoft has a nice write-up on how to configure Gmail for use with Outlook and OE at

Now, changing topics, there have been some reports across the web that users are having their Gmail e-mail deleted from their accounts. Although limited to I believe 60 users and probably contained at this point it is still interesting to point this out. I found this on another blog here at WordPress Renaissancehypothesis and Digg, I believe, also is reporting the story which can be found at
I started a topic at and am awaiting responses from the folks over there as well.,17542874

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  1. macka says:

    nice one! :)

  2. blaize says:

    The moral of the story: Don’t use OE… j/k. Peace!

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