CAGPT and Security Theatre


Clearly printed on the tag affixed to my luggage was “Do not place on the baggage carousel.”

On a recent business trip to sunny Orlando, Florida I found a “CAGPT” tag affixed to my luggage bag as it snaked its way around the luggage carousel. I picked up my luggage and cracked it open once I arrived at the hired SUV. “Looking for my firearm” I said to my staff as they walked up behind me. 

See, I check a firearm whenever I travel whether it’s for work or for pleasure. Thanks to the Law Enforcement Officers Safety Act (LEOSA), I concealed carry whenever law allows.

Perplexed by the obvious contradiction of instructions to not place my baggage on the carousel while picking up my baggage on the carousel, I searched for “CAGPT”.

CAGPT stands for “Care and Give Protection To”. Simply put it means handle this bag differently than you would handle other bags because there is something dangerous (a firearm) in the bag. 

Not that I have an issue with Delta Air Lines attempting to provide care for my bag but this boils down to security theatre.

“Security theater is the practice of investing in countermeasures intended to provide the feeling of improved security while doing little or nothing to achieve it.” 

My complaint is twofold. First: I never knew about this CAGPT program because Delta never told me when I checked in. Had Delta followed the rules of CAGPT I would have been waiting for my bag on the luggage carousel never to have it arrive. Second, and the bigger issue: Affixing a label that says “CAGPT” with a firearm in my bag clearly tells every baggage handler, staff member, evil doer, or member of the public watching bags that my bag has a firearm inside. WHY tip your hand and give away the secrecy of the contents. It might have just said “Please steal this bag and take the gun because we have no other protections available to protect the contents.” On top of that, all CAGPT bags should be in one location at Delta’s baggage pickup area so now all the gun holding bags are in one location making it easier to steal or cause mass harm.

I’ve made a similar argument before when walking past businesses with signs that say, “No guns allowed”: if I’m carrying concealed how would they ever know unless I engaged a threat and retrieved my firearm? (P.S. I don’t patronize those kill-for-free zones).

While I appreciate Delta’s attempt to provide some kind of security awareness I think it amounts to security theatre and actually makes situations more dangerous than what they should be.

Perhaps the Department of Homeland Security or Federal Aviation Administration should reconsider this security initiative?

Note: these are just my thoughts and opinions. What do you think about this program or situation?

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