Captain’s Log 1 [Insert Date Here]

This post archived for posterity’s sake. It was the first post I ever made on a self-hosted blogging platform available on the “public” Internet back when I was a wee lad. It was also posted on the first personal web server I stood up. It’s dumb but I can’t toss it out. The first post I ever made was back in 1998. I’m still looking for that one. Username back then was “jd1007”.

(Archived from:

Wow, WordPress. Ya know, I don’t like Xanga or MySpace. They seem too… um, teenager-ish (is that a word?). WordPress, now THAT’S a real man’s (ok, and woman’s) blog!

I don’t have a hobby anymore. I’ve built networks and computers but it seems as if there isn’t anything for me to build now. My apartment has the most awesome network that I’ve been, well second most awesome, the first being at my former job… now THAT was a network! On top of that, I had a server named after me today. I’ve never had a server named after the one and only me before, I feel honored.

I’m going to “Wow” the dentist. I started by eating a chicken sandwich at Chick-Fil-A where my girlfriend works as well as a healthy side salad with honey mustard dressin. I then drove to my favorite local coffee shop  and ordered an Ice Mocha (mmm), next I’m heading to the dentist’s office. Hopefully that’ll wow em.

Ok, I’m off to read more about how this “wordpress” thing works, well that and go to the dentist. Not at the same time.
In the mean time read the TOS for WordPress, there is an interesting treat in there.

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