Connecting Foscam Fi9901EP to WUnderground

In this guide I’ll explain how to setup a WunderCam for Weather Underground weather pictures using the FTP upload method.

Equipment used:


  1. Create a WUnderground account here:
  2. Once an account is created click on the “verify account” (or verify email) button. Verify your account.
  3. Navigate to the Add Camera page:
  4. Complete the “Add A Camera” form. To obtain GPS location data, visit and drop a pin where your camera is located. GPS data will be at the bottom of the map.
  5. Once you submit your camera, you will be presented with the required FTP information for your image upload. As far as I can tell, this information is only presented once so make a note or copy.
  6. Switch over to your Foscam Fi9901EP camera. The default IP is set for DHCP and the HTTP port is :88. For example, to access the web interface of your camera you would navigate to https://IPAddressHere:88. The default username is “admin” with no password. You will be required to change the username and password at first setup. Once changed, log in to your camera.
  7. Set your camera settings such as name and time. It is important to configure accurate time on your camera as, by default, the date and time is displayed on the image uploaded to WUnderground (as an overlay that can be disabled if not wanted). These settings can be found under “Basic Settings“.
  8. Optional, but recommended, security settings!
    1. As a good practice, it is recommended that unused services are disabled. This will (potentially) reduce system resources but will close possible security holes or attack vectors. We will be focused on FTP only for this guide and have disabled (or confirmed disablement) of the items circled in red. These settings can be found under “Network“.
  9. Navigate to “Network –> FTP Settings” and configure the settings that were provided earlier on the Weather Underground setup page. Once complete, select “Test” and finally “Save” in the upper right corner.
  10. Navigate to “Video –> Snapshot Settings“. We will be uploading a snapshot via FTP to Weather Underground every 30-60 seconds (WUnderground refreshes the image every 60 seconds as a default).
    1. Note: WUnderground states anything uploaded under 60 seconds will be discarded. I chose to upload every 30 to ensure that my most recent snapshot is made available to WUnderground (even if it gets discarded). REF:
    2. We’ll be changing the following settings:
      1. Manual snap Quality” to “HIGH
      2. Pictures Save To” to “FTP
      3. Enable timing to capture” to checked
      4. Capture interval” to 30 (or whatever you’d like)
      5. Enable set Filename” to checked
      6. Filename” to “image” – REF:
      7. Schedule” based on your preferences. To enable 24/7 click the “All” text in the upper left of the schedule window.
    3. Click “Save” in the upper right corner.
  11. Navigate back to your WUnderground camera page and click on your camera name. You should begin seeing uploads within 30-120 seconds.

That completes the basic setup for uploading to Weather Underground. Feel free to message me below if you have additional questions.

21 thoughts on “Connecting Foscam Fi9901EP to WUnderground”

  1. Good morning
    What should I put in the Filename field in Snapshot Settings?
    Thank you
    With best regards

  2. John,

    What user name and password should be entered on the Foscam FTP Settings page? Camera or WU.

    1. Should be your Weather Underground username and password. The same username and password you used to log into the “My Profile” section on Weather Underground to manager your devices.

  3. Figured it out. Your comment on trying a different browser made the difference. I was not using the browser Foscam Cam Client but rather the Windows Foscam Cam Client that I had downloaded. Got rid of that, used the browser version. Connected successfully and the missing fields were there. Thanks for your help!!! Sorry to be such a bother.

    1. Glad you got it! After your last comment I started running down my standard trouble shooting list. Let me know if you need anything else.
      By the way, if you don’t mind sharing, feel free to post your weathercam URL once you get it running.

      1. Here are the URLs to my two cams connected to Wunderground. I am located in Bend, OR which is in the High Desert of Central Oregon.

        The first cam is pointed to the NW showing a view of several of the mountains in the Cascade Range.

        The second cam (the one you helped me connect) is pointed to the NE in hopes of capturing some of the wildlife that venture by. So far, deer and elk. Hoping to catch coyotes and cougars which have both been sighted in and around our neighborhood.

  4. John,
    Thank-you for the detailed instructions on connecting a Foscam FI9900P
    to Wunderground for FTP upload. Unfortunately, my efforts have been unsuccessful thus far. Following your instructions I encounter two areas where I get different response/screen displays than Your examples.
    1. FTP Settings – Upon clicking on ‘Test’ I get Setup Failed. I checked my password (logged out and back into Wunderground), rechecked username, etc. nothing seems to work.
    2. Snapshot Settings – My screen shows no option for checking Enable Filename or for entering a filename.
    I am sure it is some sort of user error but am unable so far to determine the cause. Any help you can provide is most appreciated.

    1. Our Foscam took an indirect lightning hit so I can’t reference any of the steps to assist. The first thing that comes to mind for #2 is firmware: are you running the latest firmware on the Foscam?
      For #1, use WinSCP from here: or another FTP client like FileZilla. Make sure you can log in to the FTP server at WeatherUnderground using the credentials provided in the steps. If you can’t establish a connection using WinSCP or Filezilla, you’ll need to ensure your aren’t blocking outbound FTP (TCP 21). The error messages provided by WinSCP or FileZilla should help in the troubleshooting process. If you do get logged in you should be at the root directory of “/”.

      1. John, I downloaded WinSCP, followed your instructions and it appears I successfully logged into Wunderground. I also made sure I was running the latest sysem update and device firmware. Nothings changed on the Foscam Application, still getting a login error and still no Enable Set Filename option. Should I do anything further with WinSCP or was this just a check to make sure I can log into Wunderground? Additional info that may be important. I already have an ambient cam uploading to Wunderground (has been for several years). And a friend recently bought the same model Foscam, followed your instructions and successfully started uploading to Wundergound (same scenario as he already had an Ambientcam uploading as well).

        1. WinSCP was a test (and glad it was successful).

          Are you saying that a friend has an identical model and it IS working as per these instructions?

          Any difference in displayed options when using a different browser?

  5. Thank you for the Foscam setup information for uploading to Wunderground. Your info was extremely helpful in assisting me complete a project in which I replaced an older Ambient Weathercam with Foscam F19900P. Contrary to Foscam’s information, you can no longer use an Apple computer running Safari 12.0 to view and change the camera configuration settings. Safari 12.0 will not allow you to manage plug-ins. Firefox and Chrome are also not supported. Fortunately, I have a Windows 10 laptop which enabled me to complete several of the critical Foscam setup steps I was missing. I really wish Wunderground would link your site.

  6. Hi,

    I have a Foscam FI9900P, Davis Vantage Pro 2 & Meteobridge…and I had trouble to connect the cam to Wunderground…it was impossible that it updated at WU…

    Thank you for your great manual!



    1. I’m glad this helped you. Yeah, WU has had upload and camera issues for a long time. I ended up just hosting my own camera footage online. I’m about to setup a new camera that live streams to YouTube 24/7.

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