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For hi-res video downloads and media inquiries of weather or the section of highway 522 that this camera covers, please use the contact form at the bottom of the page.

All of the links on this page redirect to websites that are using data from the 23117 Personal Weather Station (900 Mineral Ave – Southside – Mineral, VA).

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Our Randomly Selected Weather and PWS Installation Images

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Weather Links for the 23117 PWS
Mineral, Virginia forecast:

Mineral, Virginia camera (updated every 60 seconds):

Weather Underground PWS map:

Davis PWS map:

Scientific and Other Weather Links Using Data From the 23117 PWS 

NOAA Weather and Hazard Data:

Real time sensor data:

University of Utah MESOWEST:


CWOP station data (FW1208):

CWOP full screen mode:

FW1208 (F1208) data control page:

Google Earth KMZ station list:

Mineral, Virginia PWS Google Maps:

Hi-res Video and Media Contact

Note: hi-res video (1080P 25fps) is only available for 24 hours due to storage limitations. Requests need to be made in a timely manner following any significant event.