Amateur Radio

Obtaining my amateur radio license was something I wanted to do for a very long time and I finally pulled the trigger on it at the urging of one of my friends. Two weeks of evening-only study and I passed my Technician exam. Much thanks to the VE’s at the Richmond Amateur Radio Club and the practice exams available here:

If you’re in the Louisa county, Richmond, or on I-64 areas of Virginia, USA, can you find me monitoring the following frequencies. I’m usually on in the mornings between 0700-0830 and the evenings between 1530-1730 (while driving to and from work) or throughout the day if I’m working from my home office. The two in green I prefer over the non-green freqs.

If you are using SharkRF or OpenSPOT, feel free to request access to my Kansas City, Missouri, USA voice server: