6BTV, IC-7300, and a General license all knocked out!

Well, I have my 6BTV antenna with my IC-7300 up and running remotely and I knocked out my Amateur General exam! It’s been a great weekend.

My SNR across most bands is 1.2:1 which I couldn’t have asked for a better SNR. My 80 meters needs a little tweaking as it came in at 1.7:1. But heck, for a first time test I’m pretty darn impressed.

Many thanks to the HAMs at the Culpeper Amateur Radio Club for giving me insight into this build and a big thanks to Jeff “KB4DTU” for personally driving down to comment on the build and give me guidance and direction.

Here’s a time lapse of the ground rod install using my Dewalt hammer drill and a 25lb plate from the gym.

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