My automotive hobbies started when I was sixteen with my first car. I spent many weekends cleaning, detailing, and perfecting the looks and performance of this vehicle. That passion for attention to detail has only grown stronger.

In addition to automotive detailing, I’ve recently taken an interest in vehicle safety ratings and crash test performance data provided by and EURO NCAP. IIHS, coincidentally, is located near me here in Virginia.

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I’ve also began a journey into automotive computer reprogramming. My current programming setup consists of:

  1. HP ElitePad 1000 Rugged G2 (eBay)
    1. Running Windows 10 Professional 64-bit
  2. Mini-VCI J2534 for Toyota (Amazon)
  3. Toyota TIS TechStream programming software (Toyota)
  4. ELM 327 Mini OBDII Bluetooth for Ford (Amazon)
  5. OHP ELMconfig OBDII wired supporting HS-CAN and MS-CAN (Amazon)
  6. Ford FORScan programming software (FORScan)

As with many aftermarket configuration tools, the main driving force behind this is a desire to make your vehicle more yours and an open community willing to hack away at their vehicle computers. While there are many tools available on the market (free, paid, malware laden) that promise an easy setup, the payout for the novice programmer is high risk, low payout. I’ve watched too many YouTube videos of folks overriding checksum warnings in FORScan then scratching their heads, on video, stating “Well now my car won’t start. Not sure what happened here.”

For me, however, I’ve had two successful reprograms; one on my 2009 Toyota Sienna and one on my 2014 Ford F-250. More about specific changes in future posts.

This looks like another promising past time for me.

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