Connecting Untangle UTM to an OpenVPN appliance has never been easier!

Simple problem, simple solution. Connect two sites together using OpenVPN and setup AD site replication across the Windows domain.

A client needed to connect two office sites together. Site one had a non-Untangle firewall. Site two had a full installation of Untangle UTM Next Gen firewall. Neither firewall’s UTM on-board VPN were compatible with each other.

I deployed the OpenVPN VMware Appliance via OVA file at site one (URL here). I then installed “Tunnel VPN” app on the Untangle UTM at site two (URL here).

Back on site one I port-forwarded UDP 1194 from site two’s static WAN IP to the internal OpenVPN appliance.

I created a username/password profile on the OpenVPN VMware Appliance, exported the full config as “auto-login enabled” under the new username/password, and imported the single OVPN file to Untangle UTM. I specified the username/password on the Untangle during the config and saved settings.

Connected within a matter of seconds. What my client was potentially looking at spending thousands of dollars on for an enterprise site-to-site VPN setup they ended up spending on one hour of professional services for my assistance.

Just because you have a multi-million dollar business doesn’t mean you need to have a multi-million dollar IT setup. 😉

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