Homemade antenna mast (and flagpole) for LTE MIFI on the Jayco travel trailer

Something I whipped together two weeks ago right before a weekend trip down to North Carolina.

Used some spare aluminum pole in the barn to create an antenna mast and flagpole. The flagpole portion is removable and sits atop the antenna mast.

The bottom half of the mast is secured with hose clamps and some bicycle inner tube to help with scratching and chaffing. The sliding portion is secured with a pin at the base. Once the pin is removed, the mast is manually extended vertically and the pin is replaced to keep the mast upright.

This allows me to turn the mast to point towards the best 3G, 4G, or 5G signal.

The coax is run underneath the travel trailer and up the floor into the gear closet.

The cable then runs out near the Jay Command and lighting controls. I also installed a 2 port USB plug from “American Technology Components” to match the existing USB plugs in the travel trailer. I wrote a blog post about swapping out for non-LED versions here: https://www.johndball.com/?s=Jayco because the LEDs were bright enough to keep people awake at night.

The MIFI is attached with two velcro straps which are screwed into the wall. This allows me to easily remove the MIFI and put it in the tow vehicle.

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