How to hide or purge data from Facebook

EDIT: See update below (27 October 2017)

Looks like “Andrew’s Facebook Cleaner” is the way to go for bulk hiding or purging of FB data. I was able to only get this tool to work of the plethora of options available. This doesn’t prevent an authorized search warrant of data to be recovered or circumvent a preservation order but does start the process of purging FB data which then comes down to backup retention restrictions.

You’ll need Tampermonkey from here:

Andrew’s Facebook Cleaner for Chrome can be found and installed here:

More information about data retention policies can be found here: and here:


A few additional steps to get this to work after speaking to a few users.

  1. Once the script is installed, open Tampermonkey (1) and go to Dashboard (2).
  2. Edit the settings of “Andrew’s Facebook Cleaner” and add the following two URLs exactly as they are shown in the image which are https://** and https://**
  3. Go back back to the Facebook activity page and open the Tampermonkey settings (1). Toggle the script on, off, then back on (3). This should add the two button at the top of the page to HIDE or PURGE.

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