Secure-Idle SI 340 U Install on 2014 Ford F-250

I installed a Secure-Idle SI 340 U on my 2014 Ford F-250 yesterday. The Secure-Idle unit allows me to push-button lockout the ability to drive away with the keys removed from the ignition while keeping the truck running. Unlike the remote start option found on the Super Duty platform, the Secure-Idle allows for operation of all in-cab functions such as windows, infotainment, digital cluster, and others.

The install was easy and fairly quick with the unit fully operational around the two hour mark.

The final location of the push button is on the left hand side of the steering wheel. This allows me to push the button with my left hand about the same time I am reaching for the keys in the ignition. It is a smooth process taking about one second to complete.

I snapped a few photos during the install to mark my progress and also recorded a video.

Wiring harness and column overview
Wiring harness and column closeup
Starter plug closeup
Secure idle unit sitting on factory wiring bundle
Finding the right fit for the Secure-Idle unit
Closeup of wire splice and solder
Closeup of wire splice, solder, and shrink wrap
Button placement between honeycombs
Button placement
Button placement overview

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