Updates to Mineral, VA Weather Links

Hey folks,

We’ve made some upgrades and improvements to the Mineral, Virginia 23117 PWS/CWOP weather station and added new links to the Weather drop down.

  1. We now have a Davis Vantage Pro subscription. Check out some of these cool new features:
    1. Detailed summary for Mineral, Virginia – https://www.weatherlink.com/embeddablePage/show/301234f67cae4266b73fd52e38d1bc8b/summary
    1. A nice full screen view (for display stations at the office or home) – https://www.weatherlink.com/embeddablePage/show/7422809121494951bcfa70d93a581d86/fullscreen
  2. We’ve changed our PWS from KVAMINER12 to KVAMINER21. Find us on Weather Underground listed simply as “Mineral” – “Mineral, VA”.
    1. Back in 2017/2018 time frame, Weather Underground went through some system changes and during that transition our PWS was dropped from their system. Although our PWS was still sending and displaying updated data, WU wasn’t properly displaying map data. After troubleshooting on and off for over a year, we’ve re-registered our PWS to fix this problem. Please update your WU links to https://www.wunderground.com/dashboard/pws/KVAMINER21.

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