Compiling SharkRF connector server on Ubuntu 16.04 LTS

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Change log

Original – 18 January 2018
REV 1 – 19 January 2018 – changed step 7, added step 8
REV 1.1 – 21 January 2018 – edited content for flow (thanks @Dano3131)


  1. Deploy Ubuntu 16.04 LTS VM (or whatever Linux OS – you may need to modify apt-get with yum if non-Ubuntu)
  2. apt-get install cmake
  3. apt-get install build-essential
  4. mkdir /var/sharkrf
  5. cd /var/sharkrf
  6. Clone according to SharkRF Github instructions (here: For archival sake
    1. git clone
    2. git clone
    3. git clone
  7. cd /var/sharkrf/srf-ip-conn-srv/build
  8. Under the compiling section of the Github install portion, the command to run is: SRF_IP_CONN_PATH=/var/sharkrf/srf-ip-conn JSMN_PATH=/var/sharkrf/jsmn ./
  9. Proceed with configuration using the latest configuration instructions on the git page:
  10. Follow on to the next steps here:


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12 thoughts on “Compiling SharkRF connector server on Ubuntu 16.04 LTS”

  1. Thanks for the awesome notes: After 100% p and running I get:
    Error during request (2): Can’t open Unix socket file to server: No such file or directory
    You help is appreciated: 73 Gary KE2YK

      1. No. I meant the server is binding to 65100 and is up and running fine but the api socket bind is failing. it’s line 11 in the dashboard api.php file when attempting the stream socket function according to the apache error log.:
        [Wed Jan 31 19:13:19.896565 2018] [:error] [pid 579] [client] PHP Warning: stream_socket_client(): unable to connect to unix:///tmp/srf-ip-conn-srv.socket (No such file or directory) in /var/sharkrf/srf-ip-conn-srv/dashboard/api.php on line 11, referer:
        hope that helps

        1. I haven’t tested this. I’m on the road and can’t validate my results but I am looking at my config and came up with this potential solution:

          In the “/var/sharkrf/srf-ip-conn-srv/build/Release” folder, within the”config.json” file, change line “api-socket-file” from “/tmp/srf-ip-conn-srv.socket” to “/var/sharkrf/srf-ip-conn-srv/build/Release/srf-ip-conn-srv.socket”.

          In the “srf-ip-con-srv/dashboard” folder, within “” file, change line “$config_api_socket_file = ‘/tmp/srf-ip-conn-srv.socket’;” to “$config_api_socket_file = ‘/var/sharkrf/srf-ip-conn-srv/build/Release/srf-ip-conn-srv.socket’;”

          Don’t forget to drop my ” ” marks from the copied commands.
          The api.php file calls the file configuration when loading. Perhaps specifying full paths will resolve the issue?

          Don’t forget to reload the config. Easiest way is to just restart the server. Let me know if this works. Like I mentioned I’m on the road right now but I’ll try and get back to this if my suggestion doesn’t work.

          1. tested in and ng. seems like a conflict between www-data (apache2 owner) and sharkservice (ipconnector owner). info in config.json info is not displayed on web page either. btw this is debian on raspberry pi. thanks for all your help. sad part is that I had this whole process working prior to lastest update of raspian to stretch which was a total rewrite of the O/S onto the micro sd card… again thanks for your quick and thoughtful responses…

          2. Yes and no. I actually rebuilt the server for another poster. Not sure if there was a bug in the code but after rebuilding (a second time about a week later) everything was working.

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