Add an Integrated Webcam to the Dell Inspiron 1525 (and Vostro 1500)

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Update 26 February 2010: I installed a webcam on a Vostro 1500 today. I used model PM027 on Ebay. Works great with the Vostro 1500. You can find the Windows 7 64bit drivers for the Vostro 1500 webcam model PM027 in this post:

I recently purchased a new laptop for my mum because her old one was giving out. I got her a brand new yellow Dell Inspiron 1525 but with the integrated webcam option so she doesn’t have to figure out how to set up a USB webcam when she wants to call me on Skype. I also have a Dell Inspiron 1525 but without the integrated webcam.

A few days after I gave her the laptop I was poking around on eBay when I came across a guy in Canada selling the integrated Dell Inspiron 1520/1525 webcam and webcam cable. The gears in my head started to turn and I said to my wife “Hey, it would be cool if I added a webcam to my Inspiron 1525.” She mumbled something (probably “yeah, but you don’t need it”). Without my wife’s blessing and using my hard earned cash, I purchased the camera and camera cable and then waited for it to arrive.

Jump forward to today and my camera and cable arrived in the mail. Thanks USPS! I installed the cable and camera, it was super easy… and of course the wife likes it and now wants one for herself. You’ll need a philips screwdriver, flat head screwdriver, a dremel (or drill), and the webcam software. The software for the camera can be found at I think the site recommends the Microsoft Update website for the drivers… I don’t remember how I got them from that website.

As always, I an NOT responsible for any damages, so use these instructions at your own risk!

Step 1 – Remove the screws that hold the top button panel

Step 2 – Remove the button panel

Step 3 – Finish removing the panel

Step 4 – Remove the keyboard screws

Step 5 – Remove the button panel and keyboard Zero Insertion Force (ZIF) connectors

Step 6 – Install the webcam cable into the cable tray

Step 7 Optional – I reconnected my keyboard and powered up the laptop to make sure the camera worked

Step 8 – Remove the LCD panel rubber bumpers and panel screws

Step 9 – Carefully lift eh LCD bezel from the LCD panel

Step 10 – Test fit the camera in the LCD panel cutout

Step 11 – Remove the two LCD screen bracket screws that hold the LCD panel in place

Step 12 – Rotate the LCD panel, face first, onto the laptop (might want to put a pillow or cloth down to not scratch the LCD screen)

Step 13 – Layout the webcam cable in the pre-cut channel on the back of the LCD panel

Step 14 – Peel the backing off of the aluminum tabs and secure the webcam cable to the LCD panel

Step 15 – Finish taping down the cable with the remaining tabs

Step 16 – Mark the holes for cutout using the LCD bezel holes as a guide

Step 17 – Drill out the holes

Step 18 – Re-install the camera into the LCD panel

Step 20 – Reinstall the LCD screen and panel bezel the same way you removed it. REMEMBER to reinstall the screws then power up your laptop.

Step 21 – Boot up the computer and install the webcam software (see top of this post for a link to the software)

I tested my camera with Skype

Then I took a picture of yours truly :)

I hope your install went smoothly! Enjoy your new integrated webcam.
PS, if you were to buy a brand new Inspiron 1525 from Dell according to them it would take two days to install the camera.

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