Firefox 8.0.1 bypasses UAC and SRP

This is my ticket I opened with Mozilla:

Title: With the release of Firefox 8.0.1, Firefox bypasses Windows Software Restriction Policy (SRP).

Problem: With Firefox 8.0.0 – (and previous), Firefox conformed to the policy set forth in SRP. In addition to the fact that Firefox completely ignores Windows SRP, Firefox also ignores Windows User Account Control. Standard, non-admin, accounts are able to install Firefox without administrative privileges. When the user executes the Firefox installer, Windows UAC prompts the user to elevate to install the program. If the user clicks “no” the Firefox installer continues past UAC and installs the program in the user’s %appdata%\local folder instead of the %programfiles% (if the user were to elevate). Any other program would have ceased the installation if not elevated.

I haven’t seen any other software:

  • Ignore SRP and continue to run
  • Bypass UAC and continue to install

The threads I created about this topic can be viewed here:

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