Add hurricane model plots and real time weather to Google Earth Pro (great for SOCs!)

Here is an easy way to get the South Florida Water Management District 20+ hurricane models (and weather data) into Google Earth Pro. This is great for Security Operations Networks, Network Operations Centers, Emergency Operations Centers, or other operations locations.

  1. Download Google Earth Pro here:
    1. Install and get up and running. I usually clear out the “My Places” and set my map preferences prior to adding anything else.
  2. Copy and paste this URL (you don’t need to copy/paste the code: just the URL). This will auto update track data every “300” (I’m assuming every 300 seconds, the code doesn’t specify in comments):
  3. ¬†Right-click on “My Places” and select “Add” –> “Network Link
  4. Give your new network link a name and paste the URL in the “Link” box. Feel free to add any additional information you have then click “OK“.
  5. You should now see the SFWMD plots updated every 300 (seconds?). You can display full-screen in your Emergency Operations Center or “fly” around to see plots overlaid on other features such as 3D cities.
  6. Coupled with NWS Weather Data from this URL ( you can have a really powerful real-time overlay on impact areas and zones. I’ve found this a much better method than using GIS from HSIN or other providers.

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