Securing the FlightAware PiAware Device Dashboard

The PiAware device has a Skyview dashboard that is GREAT for seeing what your PiAware device is receiving. You can view my dashboard here: to get an idea of what Skyview can deliver.

The device is pretty basic in web delivery and not something that you would want to make publicly accessible without some form of protection. Seeing very few discussions about security but a lot of talk about how to get the PiAware device “online” so friends can view it over the internet, I quickly put together this conceptual connection document with four options to get the PiAware device protected. IPs and port numbers have been changed and generalized. For some background context, you can view the FlightAware discussion here:

Please note that I quickly put this document together. There may be grammatical errors or networking typos. Let me know if you come across any.

I’ve included a Visio and PDF document to allow for note taking and redesigning with ease based on your setup.
PDF: PiAware WAN Concept
Visio (in .zip format): PiAware WAN Concept

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