Southwest US tour – leg 1

What a journey it has been! The family has traveled 2,337 miles since we left Virginia. We are headed to New Mexico for leg 2.

We met some awesome folks at Big Bend. From first time campers to experienced backpackers and everything in between. Our RV neighbors were from Louisiana (Geaux Tigers!) and to the other side we had neighbors from Oregon, New Jersey, and Virginia.

Our Oregon and Louisiana neighbors had some big mechanical problems, just like we did, but we all came together and worked the multiple issues in unison. I’m learning a few things from this trip…

  • You can never have too many spare parts. From tire plugs, to duct tape, we have had no shortage of opportunities to use our spare parts.
  • There is no such thing as a problem-free long trip through the desert. The heat has killed almost every bike tire we have. Even aired down, they don’t like these roads.
  • Off roading was a blast but remember to bring a heavy duty air compressor as we did. We aired down our tires for the 4×4 trails and it made a heck of a positive difference.

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