TLS 1.0 on Netgear GS724T switch using Windows CA

I followed this post which helped me get an idea for issuing a certificate on my Netgear GS724T managed switch:

I deviated from the Linux approach and used a Windows Certificate Authority to issue my certificate. My comment on the post is:

I spent some time trying to get this setup on my switch. I used a Windows certificate authority Web Server template customized with sha512 2048 bit RSA key and it works just fine.
I requested the certificate via my management PC (Windows 8.1). Exported the issued certificate and private key then converted the PFX to PEM format. Uploaded it via TFTP as per your instructions. I then exported my root CA key as Base64 encoded .CER format and uploaded it (didn’t balk at the non .PEM format).
Finally I enabled HTTPS and rebooted as per your instructions. All is well in Chrome and Firefox.

This is what it looks like in Chrome:

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