My idea to the Leave No Trace org regarding Ham Radio

LNT recently sent out a survey to their subscribers and membership. As a scout leader & radio merit badge counselor, ham radio operator, and LNT trainer, I thought “Why not overlap all three? What a great opportunity for LNT to get their word out globally.”

So, I sent some feedback to the LNT folks with an idea about partnering LNT with amateur radio operators and, as I was writing my email, the gears started turning about how we could do that at our local scout unit level.


Thanks for sending out this survey. I wanted to share something in regards to this statement:

By letting us know more about you, we are able to better understand the voices that make up the vast, incredible Leave No Trace community. We will better understand what you and other Leave No Trace advocates care most about, which will help the organization shape its work for the future.

Something that LNT may or may not be aware of is a global ham radio movement called “Parks on the Air” (also Summits on the Air and World Wide Flora and Fauna). As a ham radio operator myself, I have a great connection to both LNT and the amateur radio community. As more ham radio operators are “getting out there”, it may be a good time, and opportunity, for LNT to explore expanding the relationship with the amateur radio community. You can find more details about POTA, SOTA, and WWFF here:

If LNT wants to start at the top, you can reach out to the Amateur Radio Relay League here: The ARRL has the connection to many, many radio operators.

If you want to start at the bottom, consider connecting with the Boulder Amateur Radio Club which should be in your neck of the woods:

Ham radio operators love contests and events over the radio. Consider partnering with ARRL or your local club to start a Leave No Trace On The Air event where radio operators try to make as many connections as they can within a defined time period (one day a year, one week a year) and share the LNT principles with those they connect with. Other organizations are doing this during the annual National Fire Prevention Week. The World Organization of the Scouting Movement (WOSM), for which LNT and BSA are partners (I’m also a Troop Leader with, has their annual Jamboree on the Air every October and it is the world’s largest digital scouting event. Should you wish to pursue this (untapped?) opportunity, it may be worth overlapping with JOTA.

Thanks for all that you do!

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